Business Unit

Conrod Division

Con-rod business unit was founded in 1999, and the office facilities and workshop locate in Dayi County of Chengdu, taking an area of 80,000㎡,with annual planned capacity of 20 million pcs. Now there is 5 forging lines and 9 finish machining lines for con-rod manufacturing, existing annual output are 10million pcs.Con-rod forging, finish machining, cracking and spliting,block sort all apply advanced processing and manufacturing technology. And we are domestically the first company to develop cracking con-rod and acquire the honor certifate of national key new product, and the cracking con-rod accounts for 75% of the existing capacity. Our con-rod products are with stable quality and we have established long-term cooperation relationship with engine customers both at home and abroad in con-rod supply.

Product Specifications

Size(mm)Weight(kg) MaterialEngine output volume(L)Development cycle(day )
MaxФ65.5/Ф28/2031850 35CrMo760
MediumФ48/Ф22/150635 C70S62.060
MinФ41/Ф19/114310 40Crr0.6560
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