Business Unit

Camshaft Division

Camshaft business unit was founded in 2004, and its working office and workshop are in Qingyang Industrial Zone of Chengdu, occupying 35000 ㎡, with currently 9 camshaft production lines, 22sets of precision journal grinding machine and cam grinding machine imported from Germany Junker, Germany Schaudt, Japan Toyota, the annual yield is about 3 million pieces.Camshaft business unit has the industrial leading research and development ability, and annual new product development is as many as 50 kinds, covering various camshafts needed by engine capacity of from 1.0L to 78L. Casting molding, heat treatment and finish machining all adopt advanced manufacturing equipment and process under sound quality management system, ensuring product of stable quality. Successively, we have established long-term cooperation relationship with engine customers both at home and abroad.

Product Specifications

Size(mm)Weight(kg) MaterialEngine output volume(L)Development cycle(day )
MaxФ110*230080 42CrMo7860
MediumФ60*90012.5 10808.945
MinФ26*4061.5 Chilled castiron1.245
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